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Chef Cooperatives

Supports local chefs, local farms, and the farm to table movement.

Chef Cooperatives is a national nonprofit organization comprised of chefs who passionately support the farm-to-table movement by raising funds through pop-ups for our community farms and ranches. Not only do we host events and pop-up dinners, but we volunteer for other influential nonprofit groups and provide an integral network for our cities to call upon in times of need and national disasters.
Image by Louis Hansel
Image by Emerson Vieira

We are here to put our gifts to great use, feeding people the best possible local cuisine and promoting health and prosperity across the United States. We honor the value of regenerative agricultural systems and organic practices and the farmers who manage them. By building relationships between chefs, farmers and communities, we are creating a holistic and sustainable system that will benefit everyone.

We, as Chefs, wish to give back to the farmers, not only by purchasing their goods, but also by raising funds through a series of exciting farm-to-table events designed to showcase the delicious bounty of local farms. Funds generated at these events help to energize local farmscapes to rebuild, renew, and return to us unsurpassed product from the Texas soil. It’s the cycle of life, the way it was meant to be. In turn, we reap the expertise of the farmers and their knowledge of seasonal products. By utilizing their talents, we are better able to create fresh, sustainable and cost effective menus that highlight their seasonal harvests. This collaboration between chefs and farmers is breeding a new revolution in the farm-to-table movement – a new, true CO-OPERATION.


Our Mission:

The Chef Cooperatives strives to affect global change from the soil to your plate and plow the way for chefs and farmers to build long-lasting relationships. As Chefs, we plant the seeds of growth with local farmers and ranchers by buying local to develop strong farms, strong products and wonderful seasonal menus.  We grow and nourish the roots of the chef-farmer relationship and the farm-to-table movement by promoting their products and businesses through our restaurants and events. We harvest the bounty of the chef-farmer relationship by paying our respects to them through our dishes and cuisine through the use of fresh, local and sustainable products that are featured on our seasonal menus.  We respect the chef-farmer relationship and feast on the fruits of our labors. We hope you will join us in doing the same!

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