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Chef Cooperatives Events

Local Chefs, Local Farms and The Farm to Table Movement!

June 12th
1 PM - 4 PM

Boucherie to Benefit Zanzenberg Farms

Even during a pandemic, San Antonio's Chef Cooperatives is continuing the tradition of helping out local farms the best way they know how - by cooking up some excellent food with the freshest and best local ingredients!

For Carnitas for a Cause, Chef Cooperatives' chefs will be collaborating on their second remote event, this time to benefit Zanzenberg Farm, a family-owned farm in Center Point, Texas (about an hour from San Antonio) that produces fine finished swine, fruits, nuts, vegetables and flowers on a regenerative, silvo-ag based permaculture farm.

Ticket-holders will not only get a basket-full of chef-prepared goodies (see menu below), but will also get to enjoy a virtual tour of this exceptionally unique farm. Baskets can be ordered for pick-up from either the San Antonio or Kerrville pick-up locations.

"We're always super excited about sharing the type of agriculture we do with people because of the quality of food that it yields," said Zanzenberg farmer, Justin Graham, who runs the farm with his wife, Katye. "We're also happy to partner with the Chef Cooperatives on this event. The work they do strengthens farms like ours. This will give us an opportunity to raise enough funding to renovate the space and bring it completely online as a commercial kitchen."

Funds raised through the event, as well as the farm's GoFundMe campaign, will go towards completion of a commercial kitchen that will enable them to expand their production, including salami.

Ticket-holders will pick up their picnic basket-style meal the day before the event. On the day of the event, guests can log into a zoom call to enjoy their meal along with other guests and chat with the farmers and chefs.

"Hopefully this will be our last virtual event," said Stephen Paprocki, President of Chef Cooperatives. "We continue to appreciate our supporters and this is still a great way to have some safe stay-at-home fun, but there's just nothing better than getting some fresh air on the farm."



Don Raul Authentic Michoacan Zanzenberg Farm Pork Carnitas

Shaved lettuce, lime, pepper de gallo

Ancient Heirloom Grains Corn Tortillas and Texas Hill Country Hot Sauce

Hat and Heart Farms Roasted Carrot and Summer Onion Wild Rice with rendered Zanzenberg Farms Salami and Robert Brews Spice Rubs

Farm Style Beans with Alamo Beer and Pork Lardons

Green Bexar Farms Mixed Lettuces and Roasted and Pickled Vegetables with Other Mother Vinegar, fresh herbs, and Texana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Crisp Watermelon and Strawberry Composed Salad with Basil, Goatalicious Goat Cheese, and Cracked Pepper Honey Beet Vinaigrette

Deep River Specialty Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream Bacon Cookie Sandwich


Drink Sponsors

Coffee provided by Los Hombres Coffee, Tea, and Spice

Special Leaf Tea


Beer Sponsors

Alamo Beer

Pint and Plow

Busted Sandal


Wine Sponsors

2019 Re:Rooted providing

210 Ghost Tracks White Blend

2018 Carignan

Pick-Up Locations:

The Co-Op SA

11911 Crosswinds Way, Unit 306

San Antonio, TX 78223


Pint & Plow

332 Clay St

Kerrville, TX 78208

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