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Sep 12th
6 PM - 8:30 PM

Cocktails & Culture: Bug Bites

WHO: San Antonio’s Chef Cooperatives, a nonprofit comprised of well-known San Antonio chefs, has been instrumental in raising funds through their pop-up events to actively support the health and prosperity of South Central Texas farmers, ranchers and vintners, as well as the local communities. The Chefs have also been first responders, feeding these same communities during times of disaster.


WHAT: Back by popular demand! Gather your friends and discover a unique entomological culinary experience at the Witte Museum. Come spend an unforgettable evening with Executive Chef Stephen Paprocki, and the Chef Cooperative as they curate an unforgettable evening experience using insects. Explore the untapped culinary potential of this global delicacy. Appreciate an evening of bug bites and learn how edible insects exist in kitchens around the world today and how they will sustainably feed future generations around the world.

This special event is reserved for guests 21 and over.



Witte Museum

3801 Broadway St, San Antonio

Texas 78209

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Cheri White of Deep River Specialty Foods

Chris Cook of Special Leaf

Dave Terrazas of Mercy Chefs

Edward Villarreal of Homegrown Chef

Iverson Brownell of Fork and Garden

James Canter of Guerrilla Gourmet

Jamie Gonzales-Stevens of Taverna Tex-Med

Jarrad Gwaltney of Boiler House

Justin Sparkman of San Antonio Food Bank

Kim Van Winkle of Cooking Towards Success

Michael Grimes of Southern Grit Flavor

Shane McClellan of Dad's Place

Stephen Paprocki of Texas Black Gold Garlic

Tatu Herrera of Folklores Coffee House

Taylor Michelle Phelps of

Teddy Liang of Alamo Biscuit Co.

Toby Soto of Humo of San Antonio

Vanguelis Pablopulos of Petroleum Club


​​​​​​​​​​​​Witte Museum



Don Bugito


Entomo Farms

Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch


Gym-N-Eat Crickets

North Star Crickets

Brooklyn Bugs

Merci Mercado

Eat Chirps

Jord Producers


Coffee Blackened Chapulines Street Taco with Avocado Crena, Pico, Cilantro and Lime

Roasted Orange-Ant Mole, Beet-Labneh Stuffed Squash Blossom, Ant-Sumac Dried Tangerines and Oranges with Ant Salt Garnish

Cricket Tarragon Barley Cracker, Carrot Curry Puree, Mustard Seeds, Shaved Cabbage, Beet Juice, Pickled Radish with Wild Herb Garden Black Truffle Candied Crickets

Peruvian Causa Rellena with Heriloom Potato Base: Crab, Avocado and Black Ant Stuffing; Shallot, Chile and Citrus Salsa Criollo; Aji Pepper and Black Ant Infused Oil; Marinated Olives and Herb Garnish

Classic Cricket Carrot Cake with Luscious Marscarpone Frosting, Goat Milk Cajeta Drizzle Topped with Candied Cricket Crumble.

Grilled Scorpion with Pineapple Mojo, Mesquite Smoke and a Black Garlic Bloddy Mary Shot

Three Tier Mealworm Duxelles Kouign Amann

Tostada de Cabrito Chorizo and Grasshopper Refried Beans, Salsa de Hormiga Quemada, Chile Toasted Cricket Crumble, Cumin Crema, Pickeled Red Onion, Queso Cotija, Avocado Cilantro Vinaigrette

Candy Classic with the Sweet Taste of Acidic Ants

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