Texas Farms

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Green Bexar Farm was established in February 2018 with the vision of growing the highest quality food for our family and surrounding community. We are located on a 10 acre pecan orchard in Saint Hedwig, Texas, right outside the big city of San Antonio.

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Gretchen Bee Ranch

Look hard and you might spot our beehives along the back roads of Guadalupe, Gonzales, Medina and Frio Counties of South Texas. Abundant rains this year resulted in a wonderful honey crop and healthy bees.

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JB Organic

Locally grown produce delivered straight to  your door.

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South Texas Heritage Pork

The English Large Black and the Tamworth are two rare breeds we are currently raising on our farm. In addition to pasture raising these beautiful animals, we supplement their daily feed by milling our own custom blend of peanuts and hay for a special peanut-finished pork that is absolutely delicious!

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Mesquite Field Farm

Our intention is to produce the best quality nutrient-dense food for our customers, families, and ourselves. Utilizing impressive technological advances in animal husbandry, fencing technology, geospatial mapping, renewable energy, moisture capture, irrigation tapes, and disease recognition of the last 80 years along with regenerative practices utilized prior to the industrial revolution, we are poised to regenerate our soil and water while sequestering carbon.

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Sandy Oaks

As unimproved pasture land graced by ancient oaks. I fell in love with the huge oak trees and felt that because they thrive in the sandy soil of the farm, this would be a perfect place to start an orchard. Just as the oaks do, the olive trees I planted flourish. As a steward of the land, I grow the olive trees and other crops, sustainably, using only organic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

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Home Sweet Farm

With his wife, Jenny, they have been small business owners for 25+ years, currently operating Home Sweet Farm Market & Biergarten and a bed & breakfast, Scenic Hill Retreat.

Pure Luck Farm and Dairy

We are the home of our 100 Nubian and Alpine goats and farm five acres of certified organic land on Barton Creek in Dripping Springs, Texas. We specialize in handmade artisan goat cheese and certified organic culinary herbs.

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My Father's Farm

We are certified organic USDA since 2008, we grow organic vegetables, herbs and fruits year round.

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Peeler Farms

The Peeler family has been raising Texas wagyu beef and lamb on their ranch for over a century.

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Bluebonnet Hydroponics Farms

a family run business dedicated to supplying top quality hydroponic produce since 2000. All produce is grown in completely enclosed hydroponic greenhouses.  We utilize the most up-to-date controls to monitor and feed our produce which is sold live with a water covered root ball.

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Hudspeth River Ranch

The Hudspeth River Ranch, located on the pristine Devil’s River in West Texas, has been a family owned and operated working ranch for over 130 years. Raised completely grain free and fed daily on rich pasture, their special breed Dorper lamb is more heavily muscled, giving more meat pound for pound. Furthermore, it is very lean and will impress any lamb lover with its mild and delicate flavor.