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Iverson Brownell

Iverson Brownell is an executive chef and caterer with over 20 years experience in food design, creation, wellness education and implementation.  Passion for the culinary arts, curiosity and love of adventure have driven him to create the delicious and artistic food for which he is internationally known.

Since graduating from Johnson and Wales University College of Culinary Arts in 1996 with a Bachelors of Science (BS) degree in culinary arts and food and beverage management, Chef Iverson’s easy-going and engaging personality plus extensive expertise in the culinary world have provided him with many noteworthy and enjoyable opportunities.

Combining his love of food and adventure, Chef Iverson worked to design and open a most unique restaurant in the mountains above Park City, Utah, called the Viking Yurt. At 8,700 feet elevation the aptly named Viking Yurt, owned  by a Norwegian couple, still operates without electricity or running water, and can only be reached by sleigh.  Nevertheless, with steins of hot mulled wine and the warmth only wood burning stoves, great food and even better  conversations can provide, it remains a popular dinner destination.

While owning and operating a successful catering business in Park City, Chef Iverson also served for ten consecutive years as Head Chef for the famed Sundance Film Festival, running and overseeing the exclusive catering for a long list of celebrities and a most diverse, scerning and international range of palates. "is experience kept him interested and  extremely busy - honing ideas, perfecting recipes, presentations, and executing private and grand events.

As his expertise and unique work became more recognized, Iverson was chosen by the United States Olympic Committee for the USA House to be Head Chef at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, an experience that informed much of his interest in using food specifically to enhance and maintain health.  Over the next few years, food and adventure came into play again as he co-created a still popular show on ESPN, Off Shore Adventures.  Deep-sea fishing in exotic and far-away locales, from tropical to arctic, and then preparing the daily catch for a television audience, provided many stories of adventures at sea and in the kitchen.

His culinary expertise and renown has also landed him appearances on "e Discovery Channel, "e Food Network, "e Travel Channel, and the Today Show, and he has been featured in articles in numerous regional lifestyle magazines. In 2005, he was listed by the Atkins Institute as one of the country’s Top Ten Chefs, and several of his recipes are featured in one of their comprehensive cookbooks.

After leaving Utah, Chef Brownell returned to the state of his birth, South Carolina, where he owned and operated another catering business, this time in the beautiful and historic city of Charleston.

Food and adventure came into play again as Chef Iverson also co-created a still popular show on ESPN, Off Shore Adventures. Deep sea fishing in exotic and far-away locales, from tropical to arctic, then preparing the daily catch for a television audience, provides many stories of adventures at sea and in the kitchen.

During this time he also was recipe developer and food stylist for Le Creuset, US and Canada, and spokesperson for Lynx Grills, International. It was while in Charleston that he met internationally known cancer research scientist, Dr. Michael Wargovich, and the two started to think of combining their talents and interests to create CanSurvive Cuisine. "is came to fruition when they each found themselves in  San Antonio, Texas.

With quite literally a “world of experience,” Chef Iverson Brownell now is doing what he has wanted to do ever since graduating from Johnson and Wales University: sharing his gi$ and love for wellness, food and the culinary arts in ways that help and educate others. "is has  been greatly facilitated by joining with Dr. Wargovich, at the Cancer Treatment and Research Center (CTRC) in San Antonio, Texas.

Together, chef and scientist have co-created a program to further broaden awareness about the connections between food and prevention of disease, and the easy and tasty ways this knowledge can be integrated into everyday cooking and eating.

Chef Iverson always enjoys educating and leading a team, no matter the circumstance or goal.  The artistic aspect of food design, which he greatly enjoys, has allowed him to enhance the culinary experiences of all who see his work, using this tangible but ephemeral canvas.

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