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Press & Reviews

East Side Urban Farm - Gardopia Gardens

Angela Covo


In 2012, then the University of Incarnate Word (UIW) senior Stephen Lucke started an edible garden to serve the school community. As a student employee of the UIW grounds de- partment, that wasn’t exactly in his job description, but the young man had a vision. And as the biochemistry major’s gar-

den grew, so did its purpose...

Eat At A Farm

Angela Covo


Chef Cooperatives Strike Again


Enjoy a grand Chef Cooperatives' Farmers for Gardens dinner from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday, May 27, at My Father's Farm in Seguin, just a short drive from downtown SA. the menu for the pop-up dinner will feature....

Movie-Inspired Dinners at Cocktails for Cinema II

Wendy Weil Atwell


If you had to invent a food themed after a favorite movie, what would it be? You can taste the inventive answers by some of San Antonio's top chefs at Cocktails for cinema II this Saturday, April 4. This clever twist on dinner and a movie benefits the San Antonio Film Festival (SAFilm), which is now in it's 21st season.

Culinary Pop-Ups

Claudia Alarcon 


If you follow food trends, it is likely that you are familiar with the concept of pop-up, a dinner or restaurant concept that takes over other eateries or spaces for a short period of time. Although this concept is not new, it has certainly gained momentum in recent years. Pop-ups are an effective way for chefs to experiment, gain exposure, or test out a new culinary concept. Most of all, they are meant to be informal, adventurous, communal and inspiring. Leave any preconceptions at the door. 

The Chef Cooperatives in San Antonio

Kimberly Suta 


There is a fantastic new movement growing in Texas, and it's fair to say that at the heart of it is a new group of talented and compassionate Farm-to-Table chefs in San Antonio who have come together to form the Chef Cooperatives. What is this movement you ask?

Where to eat and drink in San Antonio

Kimberly Suta 2014


Before long, San Antonio's surrounding hill country might just be the number one destination in the United States for wine enthusiasts. Currently, they're number two and gaining fast on the well-known Napa Valley region. The area around Fredericksburg and Mason is spawning multiple vineyards and wineries, which are offering incredible wine tours and showcasing wines unlike anything else in the country.

San Antonio's Farm-to-Table Pop-Up Dinners: Good Eats and Good Deeds

Kimberly Suta 2014


If you’re always on the search for the newest, coolest and tastiest farm-to-table opportunities whenever you’re visiting a new locale, then hold onto your hat, iPhone or earbuds: San Antonio just got even more awesome! A new group called Chef Cooperative is organizing quarterly farm-to-table pop-up dinners around the city in an effort to take farm-to-table to a whole new level.

From the Kitchen to the Farm

Julia Celeste


The next generation of chefs is determined to make a difference in the world and, in San Antonio, more than a dozen have banded together to form a nonprofit cooperative that will do just that. They cook and share great food, but more so the cooperative is about respect for the people who produce the ingredients in every dish.

Farm To Table: The Chef Cooperatives and the True Nature of Hospitality

Tami Kegley 2014


Our first glimpse of the Chef Cooperatives came at the opening of Dorćol Distillery in the SoFlo Art District back in December. My partner, Page Graham, and I were immediately intrigued by this out-of-the-ordinary assemblage of tasting stations with some of the finest culinary minds in town represented.

Chef Cooperatives: A Table Rich With Local Food and Friends

Mitch Hagney 2014


You could hear the crowd distantly cheering for a bull rider at the Tejas Rodeoas we delicately sampled our bacon wrapped shrimp deep in the heart of Bulverde. It was that kind of night.

San Antonio AIDS Foundation clients get chef-prepared meals

Stephanie Serna 2014


SAN ANTONIO - Clients at the San Antonio AIDS Foundation got a special treat Thursday afternoon at lunch, a chef-prepared meal.


It's part of the foundation's "Chef of the Month" project. Through the project, directors invite a different local chef every month to prepare meals for SAAF residents and clients.


San Antonio chefs unite to increase bounty for farmers

Shari L. Beidiger


The farm-to-market road in San Antonio became a two-way street this summer when local restaurant chefs who make up the Chef Cooperatives prepared their first eight-course dinner to benefit Peeler Farms